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Coliving means having a home as a service. Living Connecting and Transforming Together is the experience of being formed and transformed through connections inside a community. Home is reductive: coliving means having an experience in which we are formed and transformed through the needs and attitudes of the people who inhabit the house, who live in it.


In contrast to the urban housing model – made up of blocks of buildings where neighbours are strangers and social life is lacking – colivings are built to solve today’s paradox of being more connected than ever while being systematically isolated.

By combining private living space with communal areas, colivings put sociality first. Community living is about sharing and solidarity. Share interests, experiences, passions, desires, projects, and visions. Be supportive when exchanging worries, difficulties, and discomfort.

By combining privacy and independence with togetherness, colivings want to counter the reigning individualism that puts the interests of the individual before those of collectivity.

Coworking space
Coworking space

The kind of community that is formed fosters a way of life in which the work environment fits into the individual’s life. Work is only one aspect that characterizes smart villages, in the same way that work is only a small part of what constitutes the individual.

Living together, dinner together
Living together, dinner together

What defines the community is connection, connection to self, to others and to nature.  

What distinguishes it is choice, the choice to live in a certain way, deciding to be active – rather than passive – in the novel society and in the society in a broader sense.

What distinguishes it is the awareness of its members, the awareness that their own contribution is essential, that every thought, every gesture, every action counts, has value and has the capacity to change their own lives and the lives of others.


Awareness that it takes courage to live in a different way, but that this change is a task for the individual and for all those who want to help to create a new, more equal, and more colourful world, living connecting and transforming together.

Remote workers, digital nomads, students, families, entrepreneurs, experts and self-employed are united in the community, supporting it and supporting each other, because they share values and want these not to remain words, but to become deeds.

Coliving in Arezzo, Italy
Coliving in Arezzo, Italy

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