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Coliving Laboratory

A 1-month Social Innovation Experience at Tertulia Farm in Tuscany

August 01 - 31, 2024 | Tuscany

A collaboration with Tertulia Coliving

This coliving month at Tertulia is extra special: we will run a laboratory dedicated to shape the culture of the coliving community in Tertulia and strengthen local connections. We invite you to join us for a coliving month to explore the concept of integrating communities and enabling intercultural exchange together. Throughout the experience we empower you to bring your ideas to life and experience different roles and responsibilities in a group.

To achieve this, we provide a framework concept of workshops, open sessions and projects to choose from. Within, we will experiment together with you and the group of colivers, the Tertulia network and the local community, build around these questions:

  • How can we strengthen connections to the place?

  • How can the social impact of the coliving be expanded to the territory?

  • How can colivers be better integrated with the local community?

  • How can the community connect to the DNA of Tertulia?

  • How can Tertulia’s values be reflected in the way the coliving works?

  • How can local organizations be involved better?

  • How can a stay at Tertulia become more meaningful?

  • How can we leverage the full value & potential of the place?

  • In what way could social permaculture principles be applied to the coliving?

Prices for the whole month: from €900,-

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