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From What If to How Might We?

How would you explain regeneration to a 5-year-old?

Explaining regeneration to a five-year-old can be as simple as comparing it to playing outside. Imagine you're walking on a sidewalk covered in tiles. These tiles represent the way things are usually done, like sticking to routines or habits. But what if we want to make the world more alive, like a garden? Regeneration is like taking a pickaxe and breaking up those tiles. Then, we plant seeds in the soil underneath and take care of them so they can grow into beautiful flowers and plants. It's like turning a boring sidewalk into a colorful garden full of life! Just like when you dig in the dirt and watch things grow, regeneration is about making the world a better place by helping nature flourish. And sometimes, it's as simple as going for a walk in the forest and feeling how alive and rejuvenated it makes you feel. So, let's go flip some tiles and bring more life to our world!


What is your take on this? What is the definition of regeneration in your opinion?

In a recent conversation, Minou, Anja and Jamie have shared their journey from business-as-usual towards living and working in the field of regeneration.


What made them shift their horizons from corporate sustainability to regeneration?

Minou’s journey was ignited by a desire to reconnect with nature, sparked by her experiences in the sustainability field. Transitioning from a focus on quantitative reporting to cultivating mental spaces for creativity and play, Minou discovered a newfound joy in her work and relationships.

Anja's early years instilled in her a strong environmental consciousness, which greatly influenced her beliefs and worldview. As she followed her career paths and embarked on a journey of self-discovery in her twenties, her focus gradually turned towards personal development. However, Anja never lost sight of the pressing environmental challenges our world faces. Though initially daunting, her study of regeneration principles provided her with direction and a sense of mission.

And Jamie has come a long way from dreaming of making a living by playing outside, but his passion for nature and sustainability remains at the core of everything he does. He is excited to see where this journey takes him next and is hopeful that together, we can create a more sustainable and harmonious world for all beings to thrive.

Minou and Jamie, tell us more about your projects!


Minou: My journey with Taste The Shift wasn't without its challenges, but it was with hope, which is something that unites all our stories. Let me share a bit about my own experience.

My journey began with a bit of humor, as you can literally see the shift in the name of my business, The Green Sprint. It was born out of a place of existential crisis about four and a half years ago, when I was in my mid-twenties. That's the time in life when you start pondering big questions like what you want for your future—whether you want kids, where you want to live, how you want to live your life as an adult. I struggled with these questions, especially as my desire for a large family shifted to wanting none, due to doubts about bringing children into this world.

So, I launched The Green Sprint with a sense of urgency. I felt the need to innovate quickly to create sustainable products, change consumer habits, and essentially revolutionize the way we live. But over the years, every innovation project I undertook ran into barriers—assumptions, limiting beliefs, and the rigid mindset that we could control and plan everything.

I came to realize that pushing forward constantly wasn't enough; we needed to change course entirely. We needed to shift horizons and acknowledge the complexity of life, recognizing that we're not separate from nature but deeply interconnected with it. That's the essence of my journey toward tasting the shift.


Jamie: In my journey through sustainability and now into the regenerative space, the people I've met have shifted from colleagues to genuine friends. Connections made on LinkedIn turn into real-life friendships, where we share meals, collaborate on projects, and even build communities together. It doesn't feel like work anymore; it's more like a collective effort to preserve and nurture the outdoors, ensuring that it sustains us as much as we sustain it.


How you can explore regeneration together with us

Putting all of our experiences and passion for regeneration in business and life together with something else we all love: food, we decided to host a retreat together in Tuscany - the cradle of amazing food. Whether you already work in the field or you are an aspiring change-maker, or whether regeneration is pretty new to you, but you are curious: You are welcome to join us for a 4-day experience of radical slowness and connection. We come together to explore regenerative practices, patterns and principles. Together, we re-imagining our relationship with food and explore how we can play an active role in the transition to a radically different and better future. A world in which food system’s not deplete, but heal. Engage with us in a collective sharing of stories & capacities for positive change.

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