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Coliving is a home, where we manifest that we want to live in another way and realize ourselves living in harmony with growing together. because we want to communicate authentically and grow together.

According to the Manifesto of Coliving, the pillars that support this society are well-beingcommunity, and sustainability. This community wants to live in harmony with its surroundings, to be in touch with nature and new experiences, to be open to the unexpected with an eye towards the future.

Reconnecting with self, others and nature means living in a way that is aware of the interconnectivity of the whole.

In Lost Connections, the journalist Johann Hari, argues that loneliness and depression are a product of the way we live, that is, without the connections necessary to be happy, fulfilled and mentally healthy. A survey conducted on a global scale shows that 33% of adults experience anxiety, frustration and loneliness.

Hiking in Italy
Hiking in Italy

Colivings are structure to allow the individual to grow personally and professionally. They harness the potential of remote work, thinking of it as a way to develop professionally, but that mostly, leave a room for the individual.

It’s possible to actualise a reality in which life and work are goal-oriented, in which people are involved in organizational and decision-making choices by having autonomy and freedom of action, and, finally, in which the ‘standard work model’ – where work is hierarchically structured and formalized in organizational routines and constant control – disappears.

It’s by balancing life and work and providing a way to develop a sense of belonging, that is possible to solve the problems associated with smart working – the risk of isolation, the difficulty in separating private and work spheres, and work addiction (workaholism).

Be wherever
Be wherever

A different relationship with oneself and others increases psychological well-being by reducing burnout, emotional exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder. Encourages creativity, confidence, and motivation, thereby increasing resilience and strength to cope even with inevitable failures.

Through cooperation and adaptability, we manifest that we want to live in another way, more positive relationships are created that go a long way toward increasing self-esteem and empathy, stabilizing mood, and giving a sense of belonging. Greater cohesion opens to social engagement, increases a sense of purpose and shared purpose while reducing feelings of loneliness.

Coliving in Italy
Coliving in Italy

Thus oriented, coliving is the act, the choice to live in a conscious community that impacts the lives of their members, the local communities, and the surrounding environment through a sustainable and ecological lifestyle.

The colivings inserted into the countryside collaborates with local businesses and associations, while the colivers get in touch with local costumes, culture, and traditions.

In this environment, unexpected, creative, and interactive experiences arise from the community, the inhabitants, and anyone who shares the values vehiculated by the community.

Contact with nature supports and amplifies all these benefits by affecting the mental and physical well-being of the community. Through a conscious and sustainable lifestyle, we not only impact the community of which we are a part, but also the rest of society, providing an example that benefits the individual and the planet itself.

This series of connections contributes to living a healthy, satisfying, and exemplary life.

Hiking in Italy
Hiking in Italy

It is from the values shared by members that a community emerges, grows, and transforms. Every individual, group or family that acts and interacts with and within it makes a difference, enriches the entire community and in turn is inspired and enriched by it. This creates new connections, new ways of living and relationships that are spontaneous, unexpected, and exciting.

Together we manifest that we want to live in another way, it is possible to create a reality that knows, knows itself, and is transformed by anyone who touches it, even for a moment, and, in particular, by those who choose to be a part of it.

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