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In March 2023, Anja spent one month in network Rome – An Inspirational Coliving, Co-creation, and Inspiration at Together, a coliving space in Trastevere, Rome. Ernesto, one of the founders of the space, who is still running it today, shares the story and his inspirations and visions for the space.

The unique concept of Together is an open-space collaborative concept,  that invites everyone to suggest and organize events with the community. Ernesto describes it as everybody’s living room – or the house you were dreaming of when you were a kid – where you just have space to explore and play. 

As a result, two to three events per week are hosted at Together: from standup comedy night to storytelling, cozy singer-songwriter concerts or the legendary monthly room beats party (not easy to find that level of good DJing in Network Rome, An Inspirational Coliving!). 

Ernesto tells us, that one of the beauties of this format of co-creation is the unexpected: outcomes from collaborative processes that you could not plan or foresee. Together provides a space for exactly this. One of the ideas is also to run the inspirational coliving as an open-source concept. The intention of the name addition “network” is to invite others to create a similar space as an extension of Together where creativity and community can co-create.

The fact, that together events and community flourish proves the success of this innovative space. Together manages to create a diverse community of tourists, digital nomads and locals. This makes staying there exciting as well as easy to integrate. You have the feeling that you are really living in Rome and not just visiting, as you are immediately part of a community who welcomes you like a friend and your social calendar is full, if you wish. Slow Travel at its finest 🙂

We hope to see more of those places in a country like Italy! 

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