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Join us in Puglia instead!

May 4 - 26

Beach Coliving


Just a few minutes from the mediterranean sea, we come together for an experience to re-connect: with ourselves, in community and with the wild and beautiful nature of Sardinia. As intentional group of active Digital Nomads we explore the perfect balance between nature, embodiment and mindfulness.

Join us for a holistic, nourishing experience of co-creation and curated personal- and professional development activities. 




Co-Working Sessions

Co-created community skill-sharing

Mastermind Workshops

Community Sharing




Daily Community Breakfast 

Weekly Family Dinner

Weekly trip to local market in Arzachena




Weekly Yoga & Workout Sessions

Local Hikes

Introduction to Climbing

Walking distance from the beach

Live 24/7 surrounded by nature


Gift yourself a wholistic and integrated experience where you can just be. We know of the challenges of living a nomadic life - so let us take over the organisation for once and take the opportunity to simply focus on your needs. Our program is an extensive offer, intended for you to pick and choose what serves you. We always encourage you to take space and integration time for yourself as needed - nothing is obligatory :)

In our mastermind workshops and community sessions, participants engage in mutual learning and uncover collaboration opportunities within our carefully curated group. We facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and skills, fostering a valuable network of like-minded individuals.

Nestled in the scenic beauty of Sardinian nature, our coliving experience encourages immersion in the natural rhythms and cycles. The soothing sounds of the sea and the whispers of the trees provide a backdrop for inspiration.

During our hikes and excursions we explore the island and show you amazing spots that leave you with awe. Our local hosts prepare weekday breakfasts, and our community gathers for a weekly Family Dinner. Evenings organically bring the group together, fostering the sharing of favorite recipes.



  • Selected community of value-aligned Nomads 

  • Daily breakfast & weekly Italian family dinners

  • Co-created community sessions

  • Mastermind Workshops 

  • Yoga and mindfulness practices in nature

  • Community Facilitation & Group Sharing Sessions

  • Guided hikes and excursions to discover the island with locals

  • Local integration to immerse yourself in Sardinian values & traditions


You've connected with a community that shares your interests, forged deep connections, and found harmony in nature. Taking the space you need for re-discovering your life's purpose, you draw inspiration from this supportive community, leading to a renewed sense of energy and creativity. Staying active and eating nutritiously, you've grounded yourself in a positive body experience. You've fully immersed in Sardinias local culture and adopted a balanced approach to life. The new knowledge and experiences have left you feeling enriched and empowered.

  • You’ve learned to slow down with a mindful approach to living in a culture obsessed with speed

  • You are more present and connected with yourself, nature has presented you the simple beauty of life



  • 14 Days Accommodation in a private or shared room 

  • Airport transfers to/from Olbia + transfers to activities

  • 10 healthy and delicious breakfasts (every weekday Mon-Fri)

  • 2 dinners: Weekly Italian family dinner

  • 1 Weekly Yoga Class

  • Workout Sessions

  • Co-working area with fast Wi-Fi

  • Garden & common spaces for workshops and creation

  • Community Facilitation 

  • Community and Sharing Sessions

  • Mastermind Workshops around Business Challenges & Impact 

  • Co-created Community Sessions, Skill-sharing

  • Local hikes in nature on the weekend



All other meals + Extra activities on the weekend:

+ Boat Trip

+ Snorkeling

+ Agriturismo Dinner

+ Kayaking



  • Welcome and settle in

  • Coliving tour

  • Experience Kick-Off & Community Sharing


We make use of the potential of our carefully selected group of participants. Using mastermind principles and holding space for profound personal & professional development and creation of new ideas. During the experience we dedicate time to self-discovery, embodiment and impact, all based on co-creation principles. To make the most of the retreat, we welcome contribution and participation in community activities, but are fully supportive for everyone to take space as needed. 


Leave the busyness of cities and travel behind and be fully present. We invite you to join us for mindfulness practices, workouts and activities in nature, to be aware of the beauty of this island and to remind ourselves to respect and care for our planet. We practice mindful and harmonious connection with nature and encourage to re-think use of natural resources. You will soon feel the effect of energies and natural rhythm of the earth, leaving you grounded and rooted.


We connect over food to the local culture and to the fruits of the land. Discover the endless flavours of Italian cuisine. We get our seasonal and organic veggies and fruits directly from the farms of the region and prepare vegetarian (optional: vegan) nourishing food for body and soul. For an authentic experience, we share our insights and hidden gems of the Island. We build bridges between digital and local communities, by integrating rather than isolating ourselves. 




SKILL-SHARING: As a diverse group of travellers, we all have a unique skillset, talents and tons of experiences. We facilitate a culture of sharing and invite every participant to contribute to the experience. The potential within our community is what makes every experience so unique and valuable.

DEEP CONNECTION: Our objective is to deepen connections between impact-driven professionals. We want to ensure a save space for every personality and preference, individual requirements and under consideration of the dynamics of the group.

ACTIVE NATURE IMMERSIVE: Bring your outdoor gear! Little is more inspiring than a beautiful hike in nature: the perfect time to reflect, to connect or to brainstorm. We are an active group that loves the outdoors. You can learn how to climb and explore the island from a different angle. Our location has direct access to the breathtaking beaches and wild beauty of the Island.



10. - 17. September 2023

An experience where spiritual nomadic women entrepreneurs come to co-live and grow together. During our Soulful Business Retreat we created an energetic space for you to slow down, release the burden of external expectations and bask in presence with nature, yourself and amazing soulful women business owners!


20. May - 27. May, 2023

Experience Focus: Mindfulness, Inspiration and Creativity

One-week coliving and coworking emerged in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. We spent each day enriched by mindfulness practices, deep connection, healing and creative activities. The experience was shared with a diverse and purpose-driven community, an opportunity to develop new skills and exchange ideas. Next to everything we did, we found time to relax by the pool and walk in nature. In the evening we loved cooking together and to share dinners.


17. June - 08. July, 2023

Experience Focus: Professional & Personal Development, Community & Impact

Community-focused coliving experience in a typical small town. Big coliving space with multiple apartments, terraces and garden with great views. Tranquility in rich nature, lots of possibilities for outdoor activities and learning about local culture. Cultural and creative activities, networking events, yoga sessions, village dinners. Strong community-building and wellbeing focus.


  • Who is this retreat for?
    We connect impact-driven and active, nature-loving Social Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads. Our community is willing to share their stories, knowledge and ideas. We come together in a safe space to form meaningful connections with like-minded humans and learn and grow together, personally and professionally. Experiencing the natural beauty of the island through shared outdoor activities, like hikes and climbing bonds us as community and connects us to our bodies and earth.
  • How do I get there?
    To reach Sardinia you can take a flight or ferry to Olbia. Here we will pick you up and drive you home!
  • Is airport transfer included?
    Yes. We organize rides from/to Olbia airport.
  • Do I need a car during the experience?
    No, it is not necessary to rent a car, except if you are planning to do longer trips by yourself. We will have two cars on-site to get around for activities and trips to the market. We are happy to organize rides to restaurants in the neighbourhood.
  • What is the weather like?
    The average high is 22°C, with lovely sunny days. It can drop to 12°C at night. The sea temperature is around 18°C, so already good for regenerating swims! The island is in general quite windy, so humidity is always low.
  • I am coming alone. Can I share a room?
    We offer a limited number of rooms for both, shared and single use. If you come alone, you can express your preference to share a room in the booking form and we will try to match you with another suitable participant who is open to sharing, too.
  • Are activities & experiences free of charge?
    You can get the full value out of the experience without any additional costs. Everything listed under "What's included" is covered. There will be optional activities by external parties offered in addition, that you pay extra, if you chose to participate.
  • Is it compulsory to participate in activities and experiences?
    Absolutely not. Everything that is offered is an invitation. We are giving options and impulses to provide the best value possible, but you choose what serves you best. We also encourage every participant to co-create the experience with us and e.g. offer something they like to share with the group in the creative community offerings sessions or come together for individual 1:1 sessions. This way, the experience will naturally align to the groups talents and we can make use of our full potential.
  • What about food?
    Breakfasts are included on weekdays. One Family Dinner is included per week. We organize trips to the supermarket for the group. The shared kitchen can be used for preparation of lunches and dinners. For dinner, we usually organize ourselves into small cooking teams and use the common kitchen to prepare meals together with our chef. We believe, one of the beautiful bonding experiences of coliving is preparing meals and eating together, a great chance to learn and try out new recipes and get creative together.
  • Are there restaurants close by?
    There are nice restaurants about 2 km from our coliving. We can organize trips with the group, or it is possible to walk.
  • What about the wifi?
    The coliving has a coworking space with good WIFI available. The co-working area can be used for individual work, collaboration and workshops.
  • I would love to contribute, how can I do that?
    Before the experience we get the group together to connect virtually and clarify all open questions and help you to prepare for the experience. Please share anything you want to offer to the community in our workshops beforehand with us, so we can support you and coordinate. Don´t forget to bring a journal, a yoga mat, a re-usable water bottle, sunscreen and sneakers or hiking boots.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes. We offer incentives for referrals (for example, if you bring your friend or partner and share a room) or promote the experience within your network and we receive bookings based on your recommendation. Contact us for your individual referral code, if you would like to co-promote the experience.
  • Who is this retreat for?
    Taste the Shift is designed for Professionals who are interested in Systemic Change. For example, intrepreneurs, business leaders, entrepreneurs or anyone else who wants to explore regeneration in business. Our participants are interested in sustainability and curious about regeneration and want to include these aspects into their work.
  • I would love to contribute, how can I do that?
    Absolutely! Please share anything you want to offer to the community with us, so we can support you and allocate time in the agenda.
  • Are all activities free of charge?
    You can get the full value out of the experience without any additional costs. Everything listed under "What's included" is covered. Also, all food is included. The only thing extra is your own travel.
  • Is it compulsory to participate in activities and experiences?
    You will get the most of the retreat, if you take time completely off and be present for the activities offered. Of course, everything that is offered is an invitation. We encourage every participant to co-create the experience with us, this way we can all learn from each other and enrich our professional development journey.
  • I would love to (un)learn / explore a specific topic, is there room for this?
    Loving the excitement and ownership of the process. You can either share upfront which topics you would like to explore and we will find a way to weave it into the program. Or you can bring your topics and questions to the several spaces which are designed to openly explore whatever emerges. These moments are here for you to suggest and explore with the group all that is alive in you and can help you to Taste The Shift. If you want more details on how this would look like please drop us a message and we will set up a call.
  • Around which approaches is the experience build?
    The three facilitators come from different backgrounds and angels and together bring a mix of methods, facilitation techniques and transition design approaches including: systems design, lateral thinking, (un)learning, intuitive inquiry, group visioning, gratitude & mindfulness practices, deep listening, embodied meditation, imagination activism and creative explorations.
  • I am coming alone. Can I share a room?
    Yes, we offer single and shared rooms. You can sign up for a shared room and we will try to match you with someone else who also prefers the shared option. If that cannot be realised, you will need to take a room by yourself.
  • How do I get there?
    We encourage sustainable travel and have selected a location in Central Europe that is easily reachable by train. The closest train station is Lucca, Tuscany. You can also arrive to Pisa or Florence airport. From Lucca we can arrange shuttles to Forci. Before the retreat starts we will organise all the details about arrival with the group.
  • What is the weather like?
    In June, Tuscany is usually already very warm (between 20 - 28 C). Also, we are lucky to have a lot of sun :)
  • What about food?
    All meals are included and we have a chef on-site to support with preparing breakfast/brunch. Since food is a central aspect of the retreat, we will spent the afternoon and evening cooking together in groups and eating together. The preparation and cooking of food will be embedded in food-entered regenerative workshops lead by our facilitators.
  • What is the cost-based + donation pricing model?
    As we want to make this retreat as accessible as possible, we are not charging you for our own efforts (hosting, workshop facilitation, organisation, promotion). With booking your room, you are only covering the external costs of the retreat (accommodation, food, transport, excursions, taxes & fees). After the retreat, we kindly ask you to donate the amount you feel fair for the value you received. Under the Booking Section we have provided an overview of the services included in the costs and the additional value provided.
  • How does the booking process work?
    If you like to join, please book via our booking portal. The cost coverage amount is due at the time of booking to secure your spot. After receiving your booking we will review it and confirm as soon as possible. If for whatever reason we cannot confirm your booking, you will receive a refund of your deposit immediately. Before the retreat we will get in contact to get to know you better and understand your expectations and needs. We will also bring you in contact with the group, once the retreat is confirmed and prepare our stay together. If you need any further information, don ́t hesitate to reach out. We will be happy to consult you.
  • What if I have to cancel my trip or something happens?
    If you cancel after confirmation of the retreat we can refund you only, if we can replace your spot with another participant. Please ensure you have all the necessary insurances in place for your trip. AGAIA Coliving or our co-hosts cannot be hold liable in case of any unforeseen events, accidents, lost baggage or anything else.
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