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Join us in 2025 to explore a regenerative future...

Taste the Shift

Understanding Regeneration through the Language & Natural Wisdom of Food

A healthy society is connected and a nourishing food reconnects us to earth, our well-beig and future generations. By reconnecting (aspiring) regenerative intrapreneurs, leaders and change-makers to real food, we can find our way back to what it means to be a healthy connected living beings. Food can nourish our soil, health, minds, society and future generations.


Taste The Shift is an invitation to embody the natural intelligence and wisdom through the medium of Food.

Join us in 2025 for a second iteration. Taste the Shift is a co-creative experience to help (aspiring) regenerators ground the regenerative lens in a tangible and inspiring way. The experiences is designed to boost your inspiration, sense of agency, understanding of natural intelligence. Beyond savouring abundant flavors and stories in great company, you’ll harvest (un)learning and insights that weave your relationship with food, nature and the regenerative worldview. During Taste the Shift you will develop your capacity to bring the regenerative lens into your life, kitchen and business. 

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Taste the Shift 2024

Tuscany, Italy

View the details of our retreat in June 2024 to get an impression of the vision, concept, itinerary and team behind Taste the Shift.

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